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The Empire's New Clothes

Friday, 11/21 at 8pm
Saturday, 11/22 at 2pm
Saturday, 11/22 at 8pm
Sunday, 11/23 at 2pm
Sunday, 11/23 at 7pm

Theatre Row
Studio Theatre
410 West 42nd Street

Tickets: $15
Ticket Central
or at the box office

In The Empire’s New Clothes Synaesthetic Theatre undresses "The Emperor's New Clothes" to expose the fairy tale's relevance within the current cultural and political climate. Secrets, confessions, fear and apathy woven into Hans Christian Andersen's text are unraveled and patched together in a series of absurd, disparate yet connected vignettes. For those who suspect they're being fooled and those who are fooling themselves, it's Fashion Week in the land of once upon a time.