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Fall 2006

Full Production:
Fall 2007 or Spring 2008

New York City, NY

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Part burlesque, part performance art, Dystopia is an evening of image-driven and often surreal acts' which combine spectacle, satire and social commentary. Themes are drawn from classic examples of 'dystopian' literature -- including George Orwell's 1984, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Yevgeny Zamyatin's We and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 - combined with the news and events unfolding in the US and larger world.

Picture a world where dissent is illegal, and all communication is controlled by the State. To pass the Censors, 'Propa-tainment' must serve one or more functions: sell products, promote a homogenous nationalistic vision and/or keep the masses distracted and complacent. Dystopia is set in this not-so-distant future. The 'acts' that comprise the performance are thematically related and combine to form an over-arching picture of a tyrannical State that has subjugated individual freedoms in order to maintain more complete control and provide citizens with security. Dystopia is performed by nameless individuals whose identities and rights have been revoked due to unspecified crimes against a daily-changing legal and moral code. Each plays out his or her assigned roles, attempting to balance the requirements of the State with the demands of the heart.

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