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Synaesthetic Theatre's Tamatebako {the box}
Syn-aes-thet-ic, adj. characterizes a work of art which produces harmony out of different or opposing impulses. Synaesthetic Theatre's Tamatebako {the box}
Synaesthetic Theatre's Tamatebako {the box}



Synaesthetic Theatre undresses The Emperor's New Clothes to reveal the fairy tale's relevance in the face of the current global political climate. The secrets, confessions, fear and apathy woven into Hans Christian Andersen's text are unraveled and patched together in a series of absurd, disparate, yet connected vignettes that strip away story and unveil substance.



Part burlesque, part performance art, Dystopia is an evening of image-driven and often surreal 'acts' which combine spectacle, satire and social commentary. Themes are drawn from classic examples of 'dystopian' literature -- including George Orwells's 1984, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Yevgeny Zamyatin's We and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 - combined with the news and events unfolding in the US and larger world.

The Trial of K

/ 2005

A live multimedia dream play based on Kafka's masterpiece, which blends physical theatre, dance, live streaming surveillance video and original music with German Expressionism and classic Film Noir.

Arcana: Cycle of the Fool


A multimedia performance piece comprised of interchangeable compositions set within a dreamlike landscape of war; exploring loss, fear, courage, moral conflict and love.



A self-absorbed media junkie spurns his obsessive admirer and embraces his own fractured reflection on the silver screen. A hypnotic, multimedia ride through desire, delusion and over 50 years of American cinema.

Shadow of the Invisible Man


Obsession. Revenge. Nosy neighbors. Synaesthetic Theatre adapts H. G. Wells's The Invisible Man, that grimly humorous tale of scientific ambition run amok.


An ever-evolving, interactive online experience. Explore strange and beautiful cyber realms, uncover clues, and trace an AI's path to consciousness ...

Ubu 2000


A multimedia burlesque with politics, pasties, punks and the apocalypse ... some candidates will do anything for a vote.

Tamatebako {the box}


A Cyber Creation tale with gods and monsters, hackers and heaven. Prometheus and Frankenstein battle an artificial intelligence in this futuristic, multi-media play where programs are made to crash.....



Josef K is accused -- his life is evidence & even his fantasies testify against him in this intricate multi-media dream play based on Kafka's The Trial.

Big Game


A look at how we look at sex, death & the Modern Hearth -- combining essences from French farce, 1920's cartoons, "real" TV and Vodoun. A post-modern techno farce.

In the Elephant's Mouth


Fate vs. the battle for individuation: a post-modern collage combining original music and words, classical theatre texts, and popular styles from the TV generation.


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