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The Trial of K

Directed by Joy Leonard & Chris Nichols

Produced by Jessica D. Baker

Production Coordinator: Paula A. Marchiel

Created & Performed by

Josef K:  

Margaret O'Sullivan


Clinton Powell


Joy Lynn Alegarbes, Ted Hannan, Aubrey Hardwick, Ginger Legon, M.A. Makowski, & Tina West

Costume Design by David Crittenden

Lighting Design by Paul Hudson

Set Design by David Szlasa

Video Design by Seth Trucks

Original Music by Rench

Assistant Stage Management by Arwen Lowbridge

Sound Consultation by Joe Zavaglia

Wardrobe by John Baird

Camera Operatoration by Chris King, Tamar Korn & Heather Rogers

Inspired by Synaesthetic's 1999 production ROT Directed by Joy Leonard and Chris Nichols; created and performed by: Jessica D. Baker, Angeliki George Elefteriou, Maximilian Frey, Beth Krafchik, and Margaret O'Sullivan as Josef K


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