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Synaesthetic Theatre's In the Elephant's Mouth
Syn-aes-thet-ic, adj. characterizes a work of art which produces harmony out of different or opposing impulses. Synaesthetic Theatre's In the Elephant's Mouth
Synaesthetic Theatre's In the Elephant's Mouth

The Trial of K

The music for The Trial of K was created by Trip-Hop composer/producer Rench, based on the music he created and mixed live for Synaesthetic's 1999 production, ROT. The Trial of K was Rench's fourth collaboration with Synaesthetic Theatre.

The Law
Long Hard Night
The Courtroom
Dark Sex
The Bank

ARCANA: Cycle of the Fool

The music for ARCANA: Cycle of the Fool was created by composer/producer Todd Amodeo with the cast of ARCANA. Cast members worked extensively with Todd in his Brooklyn studio -- improvising songs, learning music todd composed and recording text and sounds that were used live in the production, as well as pre-recorded. ARCANA was Todd's third collaboration with Synaesthetic Theatre.

Until the End of Time
Angelus Novus
Hollow Men

The music for Icon was created by Trip-Hop composer/producer Rench and sound designer James Ford. Icon was Rench's third collaboration with Synaesthetic Theatre and Mr. Ford's first sound design.

Icon Theme
Marilyn versus Cypress Hill

Shadow of the Invisible Man
Shadow of the Invisible Man was the first collaboration between the brother/sister team of Kristi (designer) and Jory (composer) Herman, creating a complex and haunting soundscape. Using only the standing bass and the piano Jory Herman and fellow musician, Douglas Billiett, put together an assortment of sounds and songs that Kristi Herman then expanded, edited and placed throughout the performance. David Leight, Nick Trotter and Bonejesters contributed to Shadow of the Invisible Man with their original work The Boogey Man song written specifically for the production.

the Invisible Man alone
the Invisible Man eats
the Invisible Man dreams
the Boogey Man
the Invisible Man on the run
The killing of the Invisible Man

Ubu 2000

The music and sounds used in Ubu 2000 were taken entirely from the datasphere (i.e. pre-existing sources) -- though many tracks were then altered in some way. The music varied from classical to hip-hop, alternately supporting or contradicting the burlesque vingettes that made up the show. The production also used sounds taken from New York city streets and environments, often heavily distorted and slowed down up to 15 times the original speed. Below is a sampling of music used in the production.

Kids Show (found online - source unknown)
Nigger Be Gone (from Peer Gynt)
Fuck Honkey Devil (found online - source unknown)
White Freak Show (found online - source unknown)
State of the City (new york, new york)
The Angels Theme (distorted sounds of NYC streets and subways)

Tamatebako {the box}

The music for Tamatebako {The Box} was created by Trip-Hop composer/producer Rench. Tamatebako {The Box} was Rench's second collaboration with Synaesthetic Theatre. In this production the music was divided up according to the characters. Themes were created for the four central figures, and then variations on those themes layered throughout the performance. Below are the central themes for the AI, the Hacker, Frankenstein and Prometheus.

AI Theme
Hacker Theme
Frankenstein Theme
Prometheus Theme


The music for ROT was created by Trip-Hop composer/producer Rench and mixed live during each performance. The timing and layering of the tracks was recreated each night by Rench, working from the energy of the actors and flow of the piece. The music served as a constant insight into the paranoiac mind-trip of Josef K. Below are several tracks from that journey.

The Law
Leni / K
Long Hard Night
The Painter
The Priest

In the Elephant's Mouth

The music for In The Elephant's Mouth was created by the ensemble during the five and a half months of rehearsal, inspired by various theatre, film & television genres. The bandmemembers (Todd Amodeo, Reynard Q. Labaguis, Jeremy Voss and Kenny Wharton) worked alongside the actors creating the music as the staging and characters also developed. As one audience member commented during the workshop performance, "the music was the blood and the set of the show." Included below are several songs recorded from a live performance.

3 Western Sisters
Everyman Shootout
Faust Fu
Lady Macbeth Blues
St. Gordon: The Epilogue

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