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Syn-aes-thet-ic, adj. characterizes a work of art which produces harmony out of different or opposing impulses. Synaesthetic Theatre's Icon
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The Company

Synaesthetic Theatre has been creating work since 1997, collaborating in various incarnations. The company and its productions benefit from an extended family of unique and multi-talented actors, musicians, designers, filmmakers and artists. Synaesthetic is committed to pushing the boundaries of live performance, creating politically and socially relevant work, as well as visually stimulating, whole-environment performance that is accessible to a wide-ranging audience.


The Process

Synaesthetic Theatre synthesizes material from diverse sources -- classic theatre texts, current media, visual art, philosophy, science fiction, mythology -- and places them in relation to one another, revealing unexpected harmonies and contradictions, and resonance in complex context. The work that we create is largely generated during the collaborative rehearsal process when all of the elements -- concept, text, design, performance, direction -- have the opportunity to interact with and influence each other. This produces consistently whole work, a theatre in which each element is supported and informed by the others. Thus, each production is rooted in the present, affected by the sentiments, circumstances and trends that surface during the creative process.

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